Bring your little one along to capture precious prints on pottery. Perfect for presents or as a treat for yourself!

Book for Monday - Friday during term time and we'll give you 10% off your bill when you print babies hands and feet on pottery (excluding any drinks and sweet treats you purchase). All you have to do is pick the pieces of pottery you'd like your prints on, the colours you’d like your prints in and any writing you’d like to add.

There’s a bit of a knack to getting perfect prints - we’ve had lots of practice and we will always offer to help print your little ones hands or feet onto the pottery - but if you’d rather do it yourself that’s okay too.

Once you’ve got the prints on the pottery you can add decorations and writing for extra sentimental value. If you’re worried about writing we’ll show you all the tricks to make it look great and can give you a hand if you with writing of names if you'd like.

It can be helpful to bring another adult with you to hold baby whilst you embellish your piece, or if the studio is quiet we love a chance for a baby cuddle - especially if it helps you out!

NCT groups welcome :) If you're thinking of coming in a large group, we may ask you to stagger your arrivals.

 Booking is heavily advised so we can make sure we’re available to help.

 *Baby Day discount applies to children of 2 yrs and under


On quiet days, providing your dog is friendly and calm you’re welcome to bring them along and capture their paw prints on pottery. Our overly friendly four legged friend Leo sometimes pops in to say hello on quiet days and has been known to create his own paw-fect pieces, although he’s got very ticklish feet so it’s not his favourite pass time.

If you would like to give it a go please call and book so we can find a quiet time! If you think it would be better to try it at home where your pet is more settled you can loan materials from us by leaving a small deposit which is refunded when you return the materials you’ve borrowed.