The Pottery Experience is a family run pottery cafe and gift shop where you can paint ready-made pottery, learn to make your own pottery on the potters wheel, all whilst enjoying a nice cuppa and a sweet treat. We'll host your hen party, team building, children’s party or any other event you want to celebrate with us! We are here to welcome people of all ages and abilities, both from the local community and further afield, into the wonderful world of ceramics.

In November 2017 Oli asked if I wanted to have my own ceramics studio one day, at the time I was a bit overwhelmed, winced and said 'maybe?'. Flash forward 17 months, and here we are in our gorgeous studio space in Jesmond which we launched as The Pottery Experience in April 2019.

It's such a wonderful space that I know is going to provide lots of lovely times for so many people for many years to come ❤️


Ceramics, especially making pots on the potter's wheel, can seem quite intimidating to most people as it requires specialist knowledge and equipment. At The Pottery Experience, we make ceramics as accessible as popping out to a restaurant for a delicious meal. Our experiences are designed for people who just want to have a go, with more advanced options available after they've fallen in love with ceramics and are returning to learn more with us!

In recent years there has been a huge swell in the popularity of ceramics, which has coincided with an increased awareness around mental health and wellbeing. As both a mindful activity and accessible creative outlet, time spent at The Pottery Experience meets both of these needs. Decorating and making pottery gets people out of their normal routine, gives them something to focus on and brings a sense of calm, joy and discovery as they explore their potential - feelings we now know carry huge mental health benefits.

We offer sessions to paint ready-made pieces of pottery, such as plates, bowls, mugs, and decorative items, as well as classes where people can have a go at making their own masterpieces on the potter's wheel. This is where The Pottery Experience really sets itself apart, making your own ceramic from scratch is an enormously valuable, truly unique and enchanting experience. We believe that exceptional customer service and great products in a welcoming environment is the key to creating an experience that our customers will return to time and time again, recommend to friends and gift to loved ones with vouchers.


We honestly believe that pottery should be accessible to all - whether you’re in need of a bit of ‘me time’, a catch up with friends, or to entertain the whole family - all are welcome. We pride ourselves on ensuring everyone, no matter their age or ability enjoys their experience and has something handmade and unique to take home and feel proud of.

On weekdays we meet mostly team building events, people on mid-week holidays and carers of young children. The studio is especially popular with the latter before events such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day when colourful little footprints are a must! Capturing baby footprints on pottery is the perfect easy gift and as soon as you do them for one family member - everyone wants one! We hope they will return year after year to capture their little one’s development - from tiny toes to hand prints, to abstract colourful masterpieces. Perhaps eventually we will start to meet the children and teens who visited as babies!

We encourage older people, those with additional needs and anyone else who would like to make the most of our quiet and slow paced sessions to visit us on a weekday when we’re able to offer an even more relaxing environment.

On Saturdays the studio is bustling with groups of friends and couples spending quality time together. Sundays are alive with children’s parties - ideal for those 6-14 yrs. We focus on helping families connect and open up to each other, I have noticed that sitting down together in a creative environment is not only a relaxing activity, it also draws people away from their digital devices and helps to stimulate conversation. It is truly joyous to over hear people rallying for their companions who perhaps may not be overly confident in their creative abilities - it evokes a real sense of support and togetherness which is rather heartwarming to witness. These factors make The Pottery Experience the ideal spot for a family day out, a team building activity or a festive get together.

Whatever the reason they choose to visit, we will offer each of our customers a little slice of calm and creativity in their busy lives. We also offer a posting and packing service which allows tourists and visitors to take part too!