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Family workshop: Learn to make a treasure box 🎁

Sign up to our first ever family workshop to learn to make a ceramic box for your little treasures!

Choose to make a round or square pot with a lid from a slab of clay, adding decoration with coils and hand modelling. Please note this is a hand building only session and does not include throwing a pot on the wheel.

This workshop is aimed at children age 6 - 14yrs with adult supervision essential. Adults are welcome to join in and make their own treasure box (aka a bits and bobs box if we’re being grown up about it). Places are £20pp for anyone taking part, supervising adults are welcome to order a tea or coffee while they support their little ones.

£20pp or £72 for 4 people includes all materials and returning to paint 2-6 weeks later.

Limited spaces available - booking + advanced payment essential.


How it works:

We’ll begin the session with a group demonstration, during which our potter will talk you through all the tips and tricks you’ll need to create your own super cute treasure box.

You’ll start the session with a sheet of clay and with the support of our potter and oodles of inspiration you’ll end the session having made a little lidded box.

These boxes need to be slowly dried and then fired up to 1000+°c which will take about 3 weeks, after this you’ll then have 1 month to return to paint your pieces. When you return to paint our studio assistants will talk you through all the pottery painting possibilities and set you away painting. It will probably take 1 hour to paint your box, depending on how much detail you decide to add.

Once your box has been painted you’ll leave them with us for another firing this time to a glaze firing up to 998°c, which will make them super shiny and waterproof ready for using! Your finished box will be ready to collect 7 days after you paint them.

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We'd advise bringing a minimum of 1 adult (supervising or taking part) for every 2 children attending.
There is limited space available for this workshop, so please don't invite the whole family to watch. We'd advise bringing a minimum of 1 adult (supervising or taking part) for every 2 children attending.
If yes, please list how many, and consider when planning your visit, that although our shop is on street level the private party area and bathroom are up a short flight of stairs.
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