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Open Wheels - for those who have completed Wheel Skills 1 + 2 only 💪

Once you’ve completed wheel skills 1 + 2, and shown you’re confident with centring and throwing pots you’ll be invited to join our open wheels sessions!

An open wheels is £15pp + £1 per 100g piece getting fired (eg £5 for 500g) which covers the cost of returning to paint them a few weeks later if you’d like to. These sessions are tuition free, however a potter will always be on hand for advice and problem solving.

The session is open from 5:30-8:30pm, we advise arriving before 6:30pm to give you plenty of time for preparation, play and clean up. Yeah we said the ‘c’ word! In order for us to keep these sessions as cheap and relaxed as possible, everyone has got to get stuck in and clean up after themselves before they leave.

There are 8 spaces available for this session and 4 potters wheels, so expect to spend some time off the wheel when you can be developing a hand built piece, observing others and talking techniques.

Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 14.27.29.png

We hope that during these sessions we’ll end up with a community of potters in training who will support and push each other towards achieving great things with in the world of ceramics- whether that’s finding a stress relieving hobby, signing up to a course/qualification, setting up a home studio or applying for The Great Pottery Throw Down! Who knows what you’ll end up doing, but wherever your ceramic journey takes you, we want to set you up with the skills and confidence to get started!

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Please note this workshop is for those 16yrs+
If yes, please list how many, and consider when planning your visit, that although our shop is on street level the private party area and bathroom are up a short flight of stairs.
I have attended wheel skills 1 + 2
This session is for people who are confidently able to centre and throw only. If you have another ceramic qualification please detail it in the 'additional info' box below.
If you're celebrating a special occasional or have any questions, please pop the details below.