Ideal for AGEs 5+

Children’s PARTIES

Children of all ages love the opportunity for creative play. Designing and painting their very own piece of pottery provides the perfect opportunity for them to express themselves, creating a priceless memento they can treasure forever.

Parents love it too, because we host and do all the cleaning up afterwards!

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We have created 6 unique pottery party painting and making experiences, designed to entertain and stimulate your budding artists. Party packages last between 1 hour - 2.5 hours and are ideal for children age 5+ but can be adapted for younger children with extra grown up helpers.

Don’t worry about bringing drinks, we’ll provide squash or water if you’d like. We don’t provide party food but you can bring nibbles and a cake, to eat in the last 15 minutes of your party.

 Painting experiences

When you arrive your party host will guide the children through the process of creating their masterpiece, explaining how the materials work (they’re much cooler than normal paints!)  

Your party host will fill the children full of inspiration, with bundles of tips and tricks on designing and painting their piece. They will be close by throughout your party to host and answer any questions.

Pottery is glazed and fired after your party, ready for you to collect 7 days later.


Party Animals

£14pp for 8+ children includes:

- Paint an animal or
ornament each.
- Collaborate on a memento for the Birthday child.
- 1 hour painting session.

Plate Portraits

£16pp for 8+ children includes:

- Paint a portrait or other design on a plate.
- Collaborate on a memento for the Birthday child.
- 90 minute painting session.

Cup, plate + bowl

£18pp for 7+ children includes:

- Choose a cup, plate or bowl each to paint.
- Collaborate on a memento for the Birthday child.
- 90 minute painting session.

Money box

£22pp for 5+ children includes:

- Choose a money box each
to paint.
- Collaborate on a memento for the Birthday child.
- 2 hour painting session.

Planning a smaller party?

Bring a group of up to 6 children along for some pottery painting fun. Pottery starts at £10 per piece, with an average total spend of £14-25pp. If you have a budget in mind let us know and we can put together an exciting selection of items to suit you.

Allow up to 2hrs, if under 7yrs allow 1 ½ hrs. 

MAKING Experiences

Throwing and making with clay is unique experience to introduce children to, and one they’ll hopefully never forget. I was gifted a little plastic potters wheel from Santa at 7yrs old and look where I ended up!

During this experience your party guests will enjoy an interactive demonstration by one of our experienced potters, who will be happy to answer any questions, then support and guide your guests through the process of making their own pieces.

Making experiences are for strictly for children age 8yrs+ as it requires lots of concentration, nimble motor skills as well as a bit of physical strength.


Throwing + painting

£35pp for 4+ children includes:

- Painting a ready-made cup, bowl or plate.
- Making one pot each on the potter's wheel.
- 2-3hr session depending on party size.

Throwing + Hand-building

£40pp for 4+ people includes:

- Making one pot each on the potter's wheel.
- Hand-building a small
treasure box.
- 2-3hr session depending on party size.



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Please note a £5pp deposit is to be paid when we confirm your booking.
For all experiences except ‘Free for all!’ an invoice will be sent requesting full payment 7 days before your party. Refunds are only given with 24hrs notice. We suggest the organiser collects payments from the other attendees in advance. Read our detailed T+C’s.

Glazing and firing your pottery:

We try our best to ensure that every aspect of the creative journey you take with us is fun and enjoyable. The final part of this journey involves the glazing and firing of your pottery up to temperatures in excess of 1000˚C. This process is carried out onsite by our studio assistants who treat each piece with the greatest love, care and attention.

We strive for perfection with every piece, however the kiln gods are not always on our side.

Handmade pieces: please be aware that sometimes items can crack or at worst explode in the kiln.  If you have lost your pot in the kiln in this way we will offer you a spare as a replacement.

Painted ready made pieces: Occasionally glaze spotting can occur, as well as surface imperfections such as tiny bumps caused by brick dust flying around the kiln as it heats up, this dust can settle on items as the kiln temperature cools. If we feel it is safe to do so, we will try to fix glazing issues by re-firing the pottery. In the exceptional event of a piece of painted ready-made pottery cracking in the kiln we will offer compensation by way of a replacement voucher.

We hope you understand that we do everything we can to try and prevent such things, however it is not always possible. The unpredictable element can be both the charm and frustration of ceramics.